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Guaranteed Ride Home Program


Insurance for Your Commute

The Alameda County Guaranteed Ride Home Program does just what it says. It guarantees you a free ride home from work if you have an emergency and you have made the effort to avoid commuting alone in your car. You can feel comfortable taking the bus, train, or ferry, carpooling, vanpooling, walking, or bicycling to work, knowing that you will have a ride home in the case of a qualifying unexpected circumstance that disrupts your commute home.

For Employees

All permanent full-time and part-time employees who are employed within Alameda County are eligible for this free program. Participants must register before using the program. Participants do not have to live in Alameda County.

For Employers

The Guaranteed Ride Home program is a free transportation benefit you can promote to your employees who get to and from work by a means other than driving alone, whether it's in an employer-provided shuttle, a carpool or vanpool, by transit, bicycling, or walking. Employers are not required to register in order for their employees to enroll, but we encourage promoting the program to full-time and permanent part-time staff. Interested employees can register on their own at any time.

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