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Rebates up to $17,500 to install new cooktops & ranges!

We know equipping your kitchen with the best, high-powered equipment to get the job done can be a costly burden. We’re here to make that easier. East Bay Community Energy, your local not-for-profit electricity provider, is excited to announce the launch of our Commercial Induction Rebate program. This program provides cash rebates up to $17,500 for the installation of high-efficiency electric induction cooktops and ranges in commercial kitchens. 

Upgrade to a brand new induction appliance today to bring the future of cooking to your kitchen! Induction cooktops heat equipment through magnetism and deliver over twice the thermal efficiency compared to gas. Induction in your kitchen means you can:

  • have high-powered, precise temperature control

  • spend less time cleaning dirty gas grill tops and more time cooking

  • save $ cooling your kitchen due to lower ambient cooking heat

  • enjoy health benefits from reduced indoor air pollutants from combusting gas

  • get one step closer to meeting your sustainability goals

Learn more and reserve your rebate today!


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