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Several cities in the East Bay are transitioning to 100% renewable electricity in 2022, here’s what you need to know

The cities of Albany, Hayward, and Pleasanton have recently committed their cities to transition to renewable energy for their electricity supply! In January 2022, all businesses and residents will transition from their current plan with East Bay Community Energy to the Renewable 100 plan! (Except residents enrolled in CARE/FERA/Medical Baseline, who will remain on EBCE’s Bright Choice service.) Renewable 100 is 100% California wind and solar energy at a price of 1 cent per kWh above PG&E’s generation rate. 


The City of Dublin will transition all of its residential customers to Renewable 100 in January 2022, except those enrolled in CARE/FERA/Medical Baseline. Dublin businesses will not go through this transition and will remain on our Bright Choice option, but are encouraged to choose our Renewable 100 plan! 


EBCE’s Brilliant 100 service is sunsetting in January 2022. Customers can do nothing to automatically transition to Renewable 100, or may instead remain on EBCE’s Bright Choice service, which provides a 1% discount to PG&E. If you are not part of this transition, but still want to commit to 100% clean energy, you can choose Renewable 100


Join us to learn about this transition and ask any questions for live responses from EBCE! A schedule of informative webinars appears below. More information is available at 


Renewable 100 Transition Webinar Registration Details


12/10/2021 (Friday) 11-12PM

Renewable 100 Transition Webinar. Committing to Renewable Energy! (Commercial)


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