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Your electric rate with PG&E and EBCE could be changing next month!

In 2021, PG&E and East Bay Community Energy will transition customers to a Time-of-Use (TOU) rate plan based on when you use electricity.

In May 2021, residential customers throughout Alameda County who are on a flat-rate plan (tiered or volume-based) will be placed onto Time-of-Use rates. Most businesses switched to Time-of-Use B rates last month in March.  Time-of-Use rate plans charge customers based on when they use electricity. The default residential plan, E-TOU-C, has peak rates from 4-9 PM. By shifting some electricity usage to non-peak hours when energy costs less (and is typically less polluting), you can lower your bill and support a healthier environment.

This transition, happening for EBCE and PG&E customers alike, is part of California’s statewide initiative to ensure greater power reliability and cleaner energy. PG&E and EBCE are sending several notification letters to all customers with more information. For details, check PG&E's website or EBCE's website.  Please reach out to EBCE or PG&E with questions!

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