Outdoor Seating Design Guidelines Approved

The City Council approved the Citywide Outdoor Seating Design Guidelines at the September 19, 2023, City Council meeting.
The Design Guidelines help to facilitate the design of permanent outdoor seating within parking lots for eating and drinking establishments.
In addition, Design Guidelines ensure that outdoor seating within parking lots is aesthetically pleasing, provides a high-quality environment for patrons and is appropriately designed for the location. The Design Guidelines provides a framework intended to provide design direction for restaurant operators and design professionals while encouraging innovation and creativity.
Additionally, the City of Dublin has the Outdoor Operations Grant Program that is available for eligible businesses with approved Planning permits for outdoor seating that includes:  

  • Grants for outdoor operations improvements: This funding can be utilized to enhance your outdoor seating area and make necessary improvements. 
  • Permit fee assistance: This covers the staff costs associated with processing permits related to outdoor seating. It can be beneficial for businesses that may not wish to pursue grant funding but still need assistance with the permit fees. 
Grant funds are provided on a first-come, first-served basis once the outdoor seating permit is approved.
For more information, visit Citywide Outdoor Seating Design Guidelines and Outdoor Operations Grant Program.